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About Liberty Institute

Liberty Institute History

Liberty Institute has successfully established an excellent track record of meeting the current and ever-growing healthcare support occupations, and business adult education and employment needs in the North America. The Institute keeps abreast of the national needs for workers with these skills that are expected to increase by nearly 50% in some healthcare support occupation areas by 2024. The Institute is advancing these educational programs and careers for minorities, disadvantaged, and students from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, working adults, and women, primarily in heavily congested, diverse urban areas where there is major need. The Institute remains vigilant in providing the highest quality post-secondary education to a large number of motivated candidates, even during challenging economic periods. Moreover, the Institute shows concern for providing the highest quality of advanced education to those working adults who have either previously missed, or could not afford the opportunity to finish their post-secondary education.


Our Mission

“The mission of Liberty Institute is to provide each student diverse educational opportunities by offering programs in both the Healthcare Field and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).  We are committed to prepare our students to meet tomorrow’s challenges through education, employment and opportunity.”


Our Vision

In an ever-changing world, everything is changing very quickly.  It is our goal to keep abreast with new technologies and current industry standards.  We will provide each student the knowledge and skills that are required to keep them competitive in their respective career.  We will be a bridge to the future for Liberty Students.


Staying Current – Staying Competitive

Our future is dependent on our ability to staying current and remain competitive with regard to Instructor Credentials, Course Relevance, and Computer Technology.  These three areas have helped the Liberty Institute reform not only what we teach, but our way of teaching various programs.  In a changing world, Liberty Institute recognizes the need to constantly plan for change so that students will continue to obtain the skills which will be required for better employment.  Two areas of significant focus:

Technology- New computer systems were purchased to handle certain programs that the old computer systems could not accommodate.

Resources  There are also newer editions of the textbooks that come out every year that instructors and students must utilize.  Liberty invested in updating all textbooks to align with most current industry releases.

Credentials – Not only will all our programs lead to Highly Recognized Industry Credentials for each student, but also, our Instructional staff will be selected based on their successful prior instructional experience, attainment of credentials in General Education Instructional Courses, but also the attainment of advanced Industry Credentials in the vocational track they teach.

Growth – Developing new programs, improving existing programs, improving local community relationships, renovating the facility, adding more class rooms and enhancing processes are only a few of the many results of our school-wide strategic planning effort which are documented annually.

Increase Student Enrollment

In order to sustain Liberty Operations and achieve goals of expanding course offerings and eventual attainment of Accreditation and Title IV Financial Aid status, Liberty needs to expand enrollment levels steadily over the next two years.

School Accreditation

It is with little doubt that Post-Secondary Vocational Schools will not sustain the necessary resources required to effectively continue to deliver high-quality training without the assistance of Federal Financial Aid. Liberty aspires to become the leader in Higher Education in the Tri state Region.  Accreditation will enhance the quality of education and training and promote institutional and programmatic accountability our student population deserves.

We are prepared to step up and make the improvements necessary to conform to accreditation standards and will then, apply for Title IV Financial Aid.

Faculty Reviews

All the staff member reviews should be done carefully and in detailed to avoid any lapses. These reviews should be done every six months basis to determine the efficiency of the employees and how they are contributing towards achieving the institutional goals and plans.